World War II: A Chronology of War

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World War II was the defining event of the twentieth century. It shaped world history and gave America its Greatest Generation. World War II: A Chronology of War is the definitive chronology of this war-serving as both a reference tool and handsome addition to any military history collection. Building upon official military histories, this book presents a day-by-day summary of every significant Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy activity. Key historical entries, as well as significant operations, technological advances, and the people instrumental in shaping the military, are treated as expanded vignettes and written by leading experts in each subject. World War II: A Chronology of War enables the storied history of World War II and the American military to be cherished permanently in a handsome package that every veteran and historian will be proud to own and-with its unique cover featuring a replica Victory Medal-to display. This book will be read again and again by veterans, past and present military personnel, their families and friends, students of military history, and the countless others who have been inspired by our Greatest Generation.

By: Raymond K. Bluhm
Pages: 544
Dimensions: 13"H x 9.8"W x 2.2"D